RBC Equipment


Current range is as follows:

8 head Filler/Capper = R150 000-00 Pneumatic/manual operation (c/w pneumatic valves on beer in line), fills and caps between 350 and 500 440ml bottles per hour (4 head Filler/Capper = R100 000-00 plus vat) fills and caps between 180 and 300 440ml bottles per hour (c/w pneumatic valves on beer in line)

  • Full stainless steel construction
  • 8 head, 8 capper heads
  • Pneumatic operated 6,5 bar
  • No maintenance
  • Build for the South African craft brewing industry
  • 700mm wide fits through a standard door way
  • Acetyl filler and capper guides and bottle slides
  • Easy to operate
  • On wheels for easy relocation within the brewery
  • 17/4 PH stainless steel hardened capping heads
  • Water trap, regulator and lubricator for air operation

4 in 1 – 2 Head Keg washer/ Filler/ Aux transfer pump/CIP system = R49 500-00 washes 12 to 16 kegs per hour

  • Spare parts available locally and service backup from George
  • No maintenance
  • Co2 in for co2 purge and pressurize for beer filling
  • Hot water in for keg rinse cycle
  • Constant temperature caustic soda tank
  • On wheels fits through a standard door way
  • Easy to use-full operating manual and on-site training
  • Food grade pump 100 degrees hot liquid handling capacity
  • Full stainless steel construction
  • CIP system
  • Auxiliary transfer pump
  • Beer keg filler
  • Fully CIP (clean in place) keg cleaning system 12 – 16 kegs per hour
  • 4 in 1 unit

Malt mill = R 45 000-00 200mm * 76mm geared 431 ss  rollers, 2hp motor, all stainless steel, 360kg per hour

  • 2 HP 220v electric motor (full torque on startup)
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Hopper
  • Double chain driven
  • Aluminum roller housing 30mm thick
  • 2 geared 431 stainless steel case hardened 76mm diameter * 200mm long rollers
  • Rollers are driven by spline gears at a 1:125 ratio which creates a crushing and shearing effect for maximum starch exposure
  1. 20 Head Bottle Rinser = R 19 500-00 with pump R 25 550-00, 40 Head bottle Rinser R 29 500-00 with pump R35 550-00 full stainless steel.
  2. Manual bottle labeler = R 9 500-00 full stainless steel, 360 to 600 bottles per hour 330, 340, 440, 500, 550 & 660ml bottles

1 year limited warranty on all equipment, fair wear and tear excepted.

  • All units are supplied with an instruction manual and on-site training in George before delivery.
  • All our equipment, designed and built by us..all ex stock..
  • All prices exclude Value Added Tax and delivery.

Some breweries that have bought from us:

Woodstock Brewing Co,  Swagga Brewing Co, Triggerfish Brewing Co, Stellenbosch Brewing Co, Hog House Brewing Co, Stofberg Family Vineyards, Fraser Folly Brewery, Craft Liquor Merchants, Independent Beer & Spirits Co, The Blades, Growler Brewing Co, Goede Hoop Investment Trust, Black Eagle Brewing Co, Brew Hogs Brewery, Harbour House Central Services, R&M Consultants, Wild Clover Brewery, Mitchell Brewery, De’Ville Beer, Soweto Gold, Riot Beer, JBay Brewing Co, Old Main Road brewery, etc…

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Email: info@robertsonbrewery.com